I’d like to introduce you to Aimee Millan, the owner of Peace of Mind Concierge Services.

Aimee and her team specialize in home watch, vacation rental, landscaping, and handyman services for property owners who are remote and would like to know that their properties are in tip-top shape.

Home Watch Services

Aimee’s “Home Watch” is a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues. They will:

  • Survey the perimeter of your property and inspect the interior and exterior of the house
  • Check for signs of forced entry and/or vandalism
  • Identify any obvious maintenance issues
  • Run faucets / disposals and flush toilets
  • Check that the heating, cooling and water systems seem to be working properly
  • Visually inspect home for anything that might cause potential damage(s)
  • Keep your property free of flyers, papers, etc. that could signal prolonged absence
  • Set thermostats to desired arrival temp prior to arrival
  • Water plants
  • Annual punch list and inspections
  • Electronically sent home watch visit report with included images along with any notes or repair recommendations.

Vacation Rental Services

Their vacation rental services include:

  • Check-In/Out services: Reprogramming door keypad/locks if necessary and inspecting the property after rental clients have left
  • Arrange Housekeeping and laundry services
  • Replenish toiletries and consumables
  • Provide welcome baskets for arrival
  • Refresh property
  • Oversee that Landscaping maintenance is performed
  • Watering plants
  • Managing lost and found items to appropriate owner
  • Provision of a 24-hour on-call representative and maintenance assistance for renters/visitors
  • Post-visit reporting with included images

Contact Aimee

You can contact Aimee and her team anytime at (480) 401-1967, or you can fill out their online form here…

Whether you are a full time AZ resident, snowbird, have multiple homes, or just need additional help around your home, Aimee and her team offer a multitude of services that she would be happy to discuss with you to see what best fits your needs.