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Attention all of you parents out there – of which I’m one, as well.

Steve Springer is the mental hitting instructor for the Toronto Blue Jays and one of the best instructors out there.  I’d invite you to visit Quality At-Bats site to find out more about him (he’s also featured on my site here under the “Coaching Links” section).  His “Mental Side” CDs are fantastic and can really help a player learn how to find the right mental state prior to competition.

Anyway, in this particular video clip, Steve is speaking directly to parents of young baseball players and talks specifically about the importance of perspective.  Please click on the picture above and take a look and listen to what he has to say.  It might impact the way you engage with your youngster.

“I know you would die for your kid….but your kid is playing the biggest self-esteem destroying sport in the world.”

047Instead, build your kids up – be as positive as possible, as the game itself is tough enough.  As Springer recommends, take your kid for ice cream after the tough outing.

Please, please remember that the relationship with your kid over the long term is far, far more important than his performance on the field.  More than likely, your son isn’t going to get a D1 college scholarship, let alone be a Big League player – the statistics really bear that out.  Do, however, show love and respect for your kid and be there for him, regardless of whether hes 0 for 5 or 5 for 5!

If you find this helpful, shoot Spring a note through his Twitter feed – @qualityatbats – I know he’d be excited to hear from you!