Looking back on their youth sports careers, college athletes see big problems with the system.

Source: How crazy are youth sports these days? Ask college athletes – The Washington PostBigAlPlayerHittingGndBall-500px

“A major survey of NCAA student athletes released earlier this year reveals what critics of youth sports have been saying for years: The system is really whacked.”

Unfortunately, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone – just look at all of the “competitive” travel and club teams all around us.

College athletes reported specializing in their sports before the word teen is added to their ages. Many regret doing so, the survey found. The athletes think they play in too many games at too young an age. And their parents totally think they are going pro.

The likelihood of anyone playing at the D1 college level or professional ranks is unbelievably slim.  But don’t tell that to many parents, they know their kid is going pro!