I’ve mentioned Dr. Tom Hanson and Dr. Ken Ravizza before – as they have written one of the best books ever on the baseball mental game – Heads-Up Baseball.  If you are a player or coach and haven’t read this yet, I highly recommend that you do!

The mental game comes down to the ability to compete with 100% of what you have to win the next pitch – either as a hitter, pitcher, or fielder.

The two of them have teamed up again, this time in a video series about the fundamentals of the mental game. 

They talk about the need to focus on what you can control – not the uncontrollables – like the weather, mound, umpiring, coaches pitch calling, etc.

Players should really focus on what they can work with – their effort, body language, hustle, and attitude.

I’d invite you to check out the video here….

There’s an easy to see PDF that accompanies the video – and I recommend that, too.

It is this sort of mental preparation – when done in practice, too – that can really help players get comfortable and fearless when competing.