Before you get set to make that offer on your dream home, it’s vitally important to be qualified for that mortgage, if you will be financing the property.

With that in mind, there are a half-dozen necessary documents that you will need to prove your reliability to a mortgage lender.

Here are the documents you’ll want to make sure you have when the time comes for pre-qualification and approval.

Recent Paystubs

It can be more difficult to gain mortgage approval if you have inconsistent work history or are self-employed, so you’ll need to show 2 months of recent pay stubs to prove consistent employment.

Copy of Driver’s License and Social Security Card

Our underwriters will need to verify your identity against your credit report and other items.

Previous Tax Returns and/or W2s

In order to ensure the earnings information you’ve provided to the lender is correct, you’ll most likely need to provide your federal tax returns for the two years prior to your mortgage application. In addition, you may also be required to provide your W-2s as backup documentation.

Bank Statements

In order to identify where the down payment or closing costs are coming from, you’ll need to present bank or savings statements to show that you have the money necessary for the transaction. If you are planning on receiving a gift from parents or relatives for that down payment, you’ll need a letter to show where the funds are coming from and to show that the funds are, in fact, a gift.

Investment and Asset Statements

It’s certainly a good sign to the lender if you have a healthy balance in your checking and savings accounts, but you’ll also need to provide any statements for mutual funds and other investments. While they may not be necessary to prove financial soundness, they will help with approval if you have a lot of money saved.

A List Of Your Debts

This process might not be the most fun, but your lender will also want to know about any outstanding debts like auto loans, credit card payments or student loans. The majority will show on the credit report obtained by the lender, but don’t fail to tell your loan officer about all debt related issues.

The mortgage application and approval process isn’t easy, but it isn’t rocket science, either! Having the appropriate documentation and being upfront about your debts, you may be able to speed up the timeframe. If you’re currently looking at your mortgage options, don’t hesitate to contact me to find out more. It would be my pleasure to help!