Most baseball players spend the majority of their time working on their physical skills.  But what about the mental side?

Today, I’d like to highlight Austin Byler’s Major League University – and an article that he’s written regarding “Building Mental Toughness on the Baseball Field”.

The Program – Major League University

“Major League University is a top-tier mindset and leadership training company.  Our mission is to inspire student-athletes to become the best versions of themselves by training in three major areas: mindfulness, character, and personal development.  We believe these pillars lead to sustainable success on and off the field.”

Austin Byler

MLU was founded in 2018 by Austin Byler and Kewby Meyer.  Both had just wrapped up their careers in professional baseball where the daily physical and mental struggles, as well as anxiety, were commonplace.

They realized that they could help provide athletes with a healthy foundation for success in life…and MLU was born!

Their Leadership Academy is something that I would highly recommend for players.  I know Austin personally and he is one of the most outgoing and positive guys that I’ve seen.  His goal is to serve others, build relationships, and demonstrate his deep faith to those with whom he connects.

Building Mental Toughness on the Baseball Field

Next, I highly recommend that you check out this article that Austin penned regarding his friend Ray McIntire and his college experience:

Austin highlights Ray’s grit and determination, and dives into mental toughness with definitions and actions.  There’s also a podcast with both Austin and Ray that’s totally worth the listen.

I’d highly recommend that you take a look!

Again, do check out Major League University – and pass this on to others in your baseball circle, as this is an extraordinary program.