On February 4th of this year, industry expert Barry Habib joined Finance of America Mortgage for a presentation on the current real estate marketplace and his opinions on interest rates moving forward into this year and beyond.

It was a fantastic event and if you weren’t able to join us or would like to review it again, I have a link to the recorded version below.

By way of introduction, Barry Habib is a real estate and mortgage industry executive, bestselling author, and founder and CEO of MBS Highway. Barry is also a well known media resource and TV commentator on the mortgage and real estate markets.

Here’s the link:

Barry discussed his predictions for the housing market going forward in 2021 and the benefits of utilizing some key tools to show clients and referral partners the power of home ownership.

Also, regarding the AVM reports and “Bid Over Ask” tools that were talked about during the program – I can easily do them for any property or client you have.

Finally, here are a few links that might help, too:

The Lending Coach 2021 Forecast: https://lendingcoach.net/forecast-2021-real-estate-mortgage-rates/

Bid Over Ask Tool: https://lendingcoach.net/offering-over-asking-price/

I highly recommend that you take a look, as Barry has some fantastic insights into our market!