One of my favorite reads is Dr. Patrick Cohn, he’s a sports psychologist out of Orlando Florida. He’s always preaching mental toughness – and the techniques athletes can use to grasp it.

His recent article on the psychology of a sports injury really caught my attention – and I’d highly recommend that you check it out.

Many, if not all, athletes have been forced down the injury road, and it’s in these trials that they can gain great strength.

Injury is a challenge that most athletes will face at some time during their career. They can range from mild to serious ones requiring surgery – and they are not easy for anyone. For some athletes, the emotional impact of an injury can be devastating.

With injury, athletes have a fear of the unknown, “Will I return one hundred percent?” “Will I lose my starting role?” “What if I get cut from the team?”

How you respond to injury shapes your rehab, return to competition, and post-injury performance.

If you respond with frustration, fear and worry, you will delay recovery and potentially suffer re-injury.

It is normal to experience some negative emotions… the very thing that you love doing has been taken away for a period of time.  The key is to not wallow in those negative emotions and move forward…

What are the anxieties and fears when you are injured?

  • A loss of identity: Since you probably have competed in your sport from an early age, you probably identify with your sport (“I am a baseball player,” “I am a gymnast,” “I am a soccer player,” etc).
  • Losing that connection with your team: Your team is most likely part of your social circle also. You may feel your injury is driving a wedge between you and your friends/teammates.
  • Doubts about your future: You may wonder if you will be able to compete at the same level as before the injury or, even worse, will the injury prevent you from ever playing again. You may fear losing a scholarship or not getting accepted into the college of your choice.
  • Losing your role on the team: You may fear being replaced on the team or having your playing time drastically reduced.
  • The pain of rehab: Rehab can be physically uncomfortable, take a huge chunk of time out of your day and may be a financial strain on your family.
  • Fear of re-injury: When you return to your sport, your head may be filled with images of getting hurt again and may be an even greater source of anxiety.
  • Loss of confidence: Injury can lead some athletes to doubt their ability to return to a prior level of performance before injury.

As Dr. Cohn states, “the mental impact of injury must be handled with care if you are to have a successful return to your sport.”

Again, I invite you to follow the link to learn more – and pass this on to any athlete you know that’s on the comeback trail!!