One of my favorite mental coaches is Dr. Patrick Cohn of Peak Sports Performance. Dr. Cohn is a sports psychologist out of Orlando Florida. He’s always preaching mental toughness – and the techniques athletes can use to grasp it.

An at-bat routine helps you plan, prepare, and program your body to see the pitch well and react to the right pitch.

He’s put together a free online e-book that can be found here:

If you are a player, or parent of a player, I’d recommend that you download it and get to know the contents!

Dr. Cohn states that great hitters use an at-bat routine to help them focus and prepare mentally.

“From our experience,” he states, “many hitters do not have an effective at-bat routine because they have way too many doubts, negative thoughts, or distractions in the batters box.”

Similarly to Steve Springer’s “Quality At-Bat” teaching, Cohn goes into detail about when your at bat actually starts:

“Your at-bat routine does not start when you step foot in the batter’s box, as you might think…..the routine actually begins when you analyze the pitcher, predict what pitches you might expect….well before you step into the box.”

His “Top 6 Mistakes”

In his e-book, Dr. Cohn examines in detail, the top mistakes hitters make…

  • Failing to Have a Specific Plan
  • Lack of Full Commitment to the Plan
  • Worrying About not Getting a Hit
  • Lack of a Positive Image or Thought
  • Over Analysis or ‘Trying too Hard’
  • Lack of Trust in Your Skills

Again, here’s the link to find out more:

Go download it and take it all in – you will become a better player if you do!