Some of you may recognize the name Brian Buffini – he’s a coach/mentor and speaker on all things real estate.  I’d like to share a particular podcast that is spot on regarding the current economic climate and coming recession.

“There are absolutely things that you can control so that you can win during the coming recession.” – Brian Buffini

Buffini might be most well-known for his Podcasts, called “It’s a Good Life”, as he’s been doing them since 2016.

The Coming Recession

In this particular episode, he takes a look at our current economic environment and argues that a coming recession is a certainty.

I can’t recommend this podcast more strongly and highly advise that you take the 30 minutes to listen!

You can find that podcast here and here

He highlights the following:

·     How previous recessions came to pass

·     Why this recession will be different

·     How to prepare so you can win

Brian also explains what actions to take now so that you can grow and prosper, improve your finances, and engineer your own personal “soft landing”, no matter what happens in the coming months.

I hope you find this helpful…and don’t hesitate to  Contact me to discuss your current situation and how you might be able to take advantage of today’s changing market.  It would be my pleasure to help you!