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Baseball Coaching Drills for Youth Teams

I’ve been coaching youth/club baseball with my friends Matt Palmer, Kevin Bacchus, Brian Beltramo, and Bret Prinz for many, many years.  We’ve had a blast together…and we have been given the opportunity to coach some fine players. Matt and I were talking the other day, looking back at some of the great times and great […]

Visualization – A Great Baseball Mental Exercise

I’m linking to a fantastic article from Geoff Miller at The Winning Mind regarding visualization and it’s fantastic capabilities to help baseball athletes prepare. What is Visualization? Visualization is the widely used mental technique of “seeing” your performance in your mind. The technique is generally done by closing your eyes and imagining a play or […]

Off-Season Baseball Strengthening and Flexibility

I’m linking to a great article from COR (a California based physical therapy firm) that outlines specific, baseball related strengthening and flexibility exercises.    Baseball is unique in that many typical weight training exercises can be counterproductive, as players really need to stay flexible, but strong at the same time.  Doing bodybuilding type work can […]

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